Discuz BBS integration QQ landing first of all to lift the webmaster and user doubts

Discuz! X1.5, the official version has been released almost a month ago, the previously rumored Discuz forum integration QQ account login has now been achieved. Yesterday, the function has been officially tested in the official site of the experience site (http://s.www.discuz.org). This version of the implementation of four functions: first, use the QQ account password registration and login to the forum more convenient; two, while posting optional pushed to the QQ space (title + simple abstract + add); three, the theme of the forum to share space (QQ + + or the simple title address); four, the establishment of QQ the certification of space, and at any time to gather the user station outstanding content pushed to users. Can help the stationmaster to leave the user on the website of oneself, at the same time more high-quality, magnanimity QQ user stays on his website. So as to establish the core competitiveness of the website as soon as possible.

Discuz forum integration QQ landing, can be said to be a huge subversion of the forum account login, but also will have a huge impact on the future development of the domestic forum. Tencent will QQ massive user guide to Discuz, the program set up the forum, really can bring more traffic to the webmaster, improve the competitiveness of the site. And through the integration of Discuz QQ forum, but also the personal webmaster behind the huge flow into Tencent related products (such as this test in the QQ space). Integration of QQ accounts and extended to Tencent product services, but also can bring to the forum a new effect, significant promotion methods, the integration of the two sides really make webmasters and users looking forward to. But at the same time, webmasters and users for the integration of the specific effects and many imperfections, there are many doubts and concerns.

for webmaster


force users to be really high quality forum users and whether it will drain to Tencent related products, services,


can be found through the feedback of stationmaster net admin5.com home page article comments and forum posts, most of the webmaster for Discuz! QQ landing forum integration still look forward to, and that this is a powerful feature, after all, most webmaster forum are using the DZ program, and has been upgraded to x1.5. But most of the webmaster or more rational, and take a certain wait-and-see attitude, expressed some doubts and worries. Some owners said that the integration of DZ QQ landing, can really bring to the forum mass of users, but after all, a huge user base on QQ million users uneven quality of primary users more, and various forums often for some specific industries and topics, the overall quality of users than QQ users, it really can bring more high-quality user Tencent remains to be improved and to guide the landing function." There are concerns about whether Tencent will force the webmaster "DZ forum QQ login function, after all, some BBS for registration and landing have certain limitations, not to be exposed to massive QQ users in the forum, if forced to use QQ login function, then the limit note > Forum

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