From webmaster to network company to personal Adsense profit a little hint

cold current does not seem to be anything, the webmaster can also survive in the winter. But the real money station has several? Better technology, lower income, become the general webmaster truth.

has been in touch with the Internet for 05 years and has not been here for five years. From DISCUZ to outdated to A5, I have been diving. Lamented that his writing is not good, but really want to share experience with you.

briefly introduce yourself,

big flower, 25, Harbin people. Currently operating website (pure love is good, no gains, only 100 knives a year. ) personal blog is rarely updated.

2005 first network (not when I was only here is a station), with some hardware forum, is very interested in the station, through the dark horse built his first personal homepage. Then came the free space that often came to the net. In short, there wasn’t a molding station.

2006 is really I have become a personal Adsense witness, every day a lot of ideas, I believe and other webmaster, almost a day will be a station.

first big flowers, used post, 52ADM practical community, garbage basket, virus prevention and control portal, Harbin people blog and so on. I wonder if I have any friends I can know. But none of these stations failed! There was only one money! Even the space domain name could not be paid at that time. Many websites were closed for this reason.

below is the point, and also the experience I have to share.

The lack of pride on the

website has made me feel a bit frustrated, but I have no idea to get out of it. By chance, my friend introduced me to an enterprise website. The process is off. In the end, I got 1200 yuan, and it took me a week. This gives me great inspiration, the same website, if I personally run the site, it may not earn 1200 yuan a year. But the services I offer to the enterprise services are far more than those.

How can

let the enterprise find me to do the website, why not present a virtual studio website? Say, do it, so big flower network design studio, in the city of Harbin settled down.

, a year, two, three years, that’s gone. I’ve made an entity from a virtual studio. Although I didn’t succeed like DISCUZ, A5 and so on, I lived happily ever after. What makes me happy is that I have accumulated my entrepreneurial team over the past few years. Although we only have nine people, I think we are preparing for this moment. A load of ready, will be out of hand. We do not put in the eye.

wrote these not to AD, nor to tile. In fact, is simple and you Adsense said, why not change money way?. My approach may be too corny, but there are other ways too

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