Foreign domain name inventory Chinese domain name summary

how many kinds of global domain names are there? Leaflets don’t know the exact number. However, so many kinds of domain name, whether we want to take its essence? In the last written "Tencent was triggered copycat copycat thinking" in the offbeat domain, then simply put a few leaflets Chinese the foreign domain, this will be interesting, lobular Internet pioneer 1108 in some domain name domain name finishing. And there will be such an interesting and Chinese domain name suffix, the following easy to share with you, for the preparation of registration, as well as the domain name investment friends as a reference.

.Ai domain name

.Ai for Anguilla domain, and AI for Chinese characters love cancer pinyin. Then we can think about the depth: lovely, treasure (good choice matchmaking oh), (cancer lobular did not Lenovo for domain name query is registered, below is also so, no longer do analytical oh).

.Ao domain name

.Ao for the Angola domain, Ao can be proud of, such as pinyin Ao Chinese characters. Lenovo: pride jacket.

.Ba domain name

.Ba for the domain name for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ba, etc. eight Pinyin Chinese characters. Lenovo: stick, 58.

.Bo domain name

.Bo is the domain name of Bolivia, and Bo can be used for Chinese characters, such as "Bo", "broadcast" and so on. Lenovo: gaming, radio.

.Ci domain name

.Ci for the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire domain name, CI for Chinese characters, temples, words and other pinyin. Lenovo Xici, lyrics.

.De domain name

.De for the German domain name (the domain name registration volume has exceeded.Net, jumped second in the world oh), de can be Chinese characters, German and other pinyin. Lenovo: good, character.

.Er domain name

.Er domain name for Eritrea domain name, ER as bait, Haier Pinyin Chinese characters. Lenovo:, Haier, youer bait.

.Ge domain name

.Ge for Georgia domain name, Ge can be Chinese characters, songs, boxes and other pinyin. Google (spoof big God), style.

.Gu domain name

.Gu for Guam domain name, Gu can be Chinese characters, stocks, mushrooms and other pinyin. stocks, mushrooms (a oh).

.Hu domain name


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