User base is the key to the establishment of website profit model

would like to say that China’s Internet, which dare to charge model bigger, will charge service as their main profit model. In addition to online games, can not do much. Tencent should be the most successful model of fees. Most of the Internet’s Web site, software, services, the main profit model or advertising revenue and fees to businesses, businesses and other home, the Internet this free model will continue as mainstream. Because on the one hand, the Internet industry competition, competitors emerge in an endless stream, if blindly charging users will only lead to the loss of users, on the other hand, there is not enough user base and the number of long-term stable, even if the introduction of fee based services, can not be bigger.

The competitive advantage of QQ’s massive user base and near monopoly in the field of im

based on the Tencent, formed a strong adhesive to the user, how Chinese 360 million Internet users, many of which people use QQ, it can be said that almost every Internet users regardless of age gender occupation have the habit of using a qq. I have Chinese Internet which website or software service can replace QQ in the Internet market, is by virtue of the strong user base, QQ will take a series of toll media to do very successful. Users rely on QQ and are interested in a series of advanced services launched by QQ, and they have to spend money if they want to enjoy advanced services. Tencent is to seize the universal users of comparisons vanity mentality, with the fee service to the user’s purse firmly caught in the hands. So is the launch of a series of online games and software, although most of them are in imitate the successful experience of the Internet, but with user base than even imitated more successful, as the input method, QQ Speed, Cross Fire, this is a very good example.

from the Tencent case, it is easy to see that a good user base can bring a stable profit model to the website. Stationmaster net satisfied based on user based website according to user needs to launch the corresponding service to profit. Adsense do website, not eager for quick success, don’t start thinking about advertising, think of doing toll service. Early stage must lay good user base, concentrate on the website content and user experience do well, make great efforts to promote, retain users will retain all kinds of profit possibilities.


view from last year began to hot up SNS, happy net and school to do relatively early, has accumulated a large user base, Product placement is the main profit model, if not the user base a large number of SNS to advertising revenue to get higher returns. Like the later big door into the water SNS, QQ alumni, Sohu white society, Amoy Taobao arena, not relying on portals users based on the market quickly occupy a space for one person, as a supplement to the portal, SNS is also very good to consolidate the user base of portal website. Prior to the news, Microsoft MSN home page for ten years, the biggest facelift, add social elements. The reason why MSN adds social elements to the home page is to use the portal and social elements to consolidate the user base and attract more MSN users to change >

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