Web diagnostic program format template also on how to diagnose and analyze websites

We often say

marketing website, so how to determine whether the diagnosis of their website has a strong marketing capability of the website, whether it is the marketing website called? Gen Tan network marketing planning agencies and share with us from the actual summary of some website diagnosis heart experience.

what is the first marketing website? Gen Tan believes that the sales force, spread of power, credibility in one, with strong marketing ability, high conversion rate of the website is the marketing website. About marketing website concept, planning steps, website construction process and elements.


we diagnose a website, mainly from the basic elements of the above aspects of the diagnosis. Here are the basic scenarios, formats, and process templates for site diagnostics. That is, the fact that the site diagnosis first requires from the construction site to site and basic positioning and mode match to diagnostic analysis, if this is not done, the following detailed analysis is not necessary, because the fundamental direction of the website are wrong.

1. Website structure diagnosis

the logical structure of the web site here refers to the physical structure of the address of the SEO. The website structure is diagnosis, analysis of main skeleton website, see clear? Is a good customer experience? Map, can give customers a good won’t get lost? Whether can guide the customer in accordance with the idea of his path to visit the web site structure? Diagnosis need to put the website structure abstraction stripped out, then analysis.

two, web vision and layout diagnostics

that’s easy to understand. The website is a visual basic, but we can see that, when analyzing the website visual performance, first from the perspective of aesthetic target audience. At the same time for the site layout, we have to analyze the layout is focused, the core demands, the user can move the points of interest shown in the most important place, the site is in accordance with the F type of natural human visual browsing habits to layout? Site navigation, navigation is not clear two protruding? How the whole website visual coordination? How visual impact? Etc..

three, site content diagnostics

website product display enough to impress people, copy, layout, design, pictures, whether there is FABE display logic, website brand copy, company copy is detailed, attractive and brand personality. Whether the content of the website information has deep value can move the customer. Does the website have the content of the third party notarization, and enhance the credibility of the website?

four, site background and program diagnostics

Is the layout of the

web site clear and clear? Is it convenient, fast and fast? Is it open source or self-developed? How about security? Is there any redundant function?


five, website traffic diagnosis and analysis


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