Why do recommend webmaster for interviews

now more and more media from the fire, and many individual owners want to transition from the media. It doesn’t matter what you do. The important thing is whether you can keep it up. Some time ago, in YY, I talked about several ways to quickly occupy a place on the Internet, one of which is to recommend you to do interviews. Why do you have an interview,


first, not every day to write the original brain

a lot of people cry to me every day, saying that he can’t write the original articles every day, and his head is big, and he can’t find the writing material. In fact, most people do not have confidence in their writing. Some people are afraid of writing other people’s jokes. Some people are afraid to write without looking at others, while others are afraid that others will criticize themselves. Actually, to be yourself is the most important thing. Why do you care about other people’s eyes?

to do the interview can precisely solve the original problem of writing. Interviews are original, and interviewers need very little typing. Basically all you need to do is write an outline of the interview. For example, first let the interviewee submit a profile, and some problems can be extracted by his introduction. Such as personal introduction, why choose to do this, do this to meet what difficulty? Now what kind of results? What are after? Although ask a dozen or so, and the interviewees may take more words. So it’s not as difficult to interview as you think.


second, interview a person, you will affect a group of people

from the influence, if you interview a person, if you use QQ space as a platform, you interview him, ask him to forward your article, I think he is very happy. If your late flow is large enough, there are some good friends, so that they can help forward, others can still accept. At the same time, you can also tell the person interviewed, and ask some friends to forward the article, which can expand his influence. So it’s easy to do interviews in QQ space,


third, Adsense group is very large,

, if you focus on interviews with webmaster circles, this group is very large, you can start with some grassroots webmaster, each webmaster behind have some unknown bitterness story. Try to make friends with them, slowly dig the story behind them! You can also start their friends to start, if there is no one I can interview, but Feng Dongyang is willing to accept your interview with


fourth, interview two well-known webmaster will be able to drive the whole

if you have certain resources, about two more cattle owners, to interview two well-known webmaster, you will work carried out just fine, because people see, famous owners are willing to accept your interview, other owners are more willing to work with you! If known the owners do not willing to do it for more than?

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