Quick success and instant benefit is the biggest taboo of standing

I want to publish this article only talk about personal feelings since I do stand, hope that the webmaster can have different opinions about the criticism and guidance, I will humbly accept (but not vulgar languages to attack, it would diminish your personal qualities)

it is undeniable that the development of the Internet has brought us a lot of convenience, but also created many millionaires, millionaires, which makes many new friends want to join the Internet business in the past, they are excited about the Internet entrepreneurship is, like a lot of friends, when I first joined the desire to achieve their own career in the Internet (big not to say, as long as they can feed themselves and their parents on the line) than it seems every day in the Internet, from the most simple HTML, then to ASPCSS learning, I feel the time is not enough, and there are many places do not understand then, every day to each big famous forum to post for help, six months down, I can know about, but also for some basic grasp, but what of it, you can make money on that day, also do not know Tao wasted much time, fortunately I have added a lot of old webmaster QQ, some of them are indeed very good, not only teach you to do more station technology, will teach you a man, I learned a lot from them, until now I still clearly remember a word – even if your website development is good, don’t be divorced from the masses, they will have no you don long today, don’t look down upon those who are new, new feelings is the most real.

later I took some ready-made source published online start station, from the template to modify the entry, I always strive to perfect, as long as a problem I would have to consult an expert (of course must be free, you cannot blame them, after all, people can’t donate ah. The change is for you, you will have to do so) spent nearly a week, finally put a website to do, is a local recruitment information network, I began to get a lot of local website links, looking for a larger flow of website advertising, in this way, less than two June, I later every day from 20 thousand IP every day dozens of IP, which enables me to enjoy the pleasure of success, more lay my confidence.

I began to sleep, is full of how to make the flow bigger, because the flow is the webmaster of the cost (which owners will hate their flow more) through my online search and friends, began to have a certain understanding of the SEO, the first to take the capital that people know to help me SEO, but their price is the price of part-time, so that I can not accept, so they only slowly to their own learning, but through learning, feeling the effect can still, later because of my excessive optimization and cheating, resulting in BD and GG are my station to K, when I tell the truth really very distressed, a station saw himself finally developed just because of the wrong operation two or three days of ~~~~~~~

> would be all gone.

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