What do you attract customers by running a website

twenty-first Century today the Internet has become an indispensable element, you are no exception? In the face of such developed Internet users of the Internet industry competition has entered the white hot stage, all walks of life have appeared the typical website, living space more and more small grassroots webmaster.

I was born in rural areas, there is no high education, but also a grassroots webmaster, has also dreamed of winning a place in the Internet industry, I believe most webmaster have the same idea as I do. In 2005 the establishment of the first customers to start my career through the grassroots, middle is also a life of Amoy first pot of gold, then the transfer out of the site because I can’t see the real value of the site, all traffic almost all rely on search engines to repeat almost zero. Stand in the angle of the majority of Internet users or stand in the operator’s perspective on the market here, you will love what kind of website? The answer is very simple, is that we need to pay attention to what will be related to the type of web site. Many webmaster friends often love on the station, because the station owners need to see and learn something, if you pay attention to more than once the station you are back, this website is valuable to you, and you like the idea of people more station more valuable. There are many friends like to buy some groups to buy the site, because buy site can give people the price of the agent, this is the value of buy site.

says so much nonsense, in fact, everyone knows the truth, but the real turn we grassroots webmaster to do poineering work, to build their own website and your website worth? Do you know about the loyalty of users of your site you? What are the characteristics of things that can attract customers to improve the rate of return? The NetEase to attract a lot of customers free e-mail, instant communication QQ is known to every family, there are problems of use Baidu Search almost all users are aware. So what can we do? Do your most familiar business, and do your website to attract customers.


the Internet as well as a great space for development began in 2009 in the financial industry, then established the "sink off Chinese www.fxwork.cn" because I know the foreign exchange industry therefore established the exchange Chinese guest exchange network, although not successful, but I’m doing what I love to do, at least to remember in the heart! A news to sell a special vehicle salesman, is the establishment of a special vehicle site so many special car enthusiasts attracted the patronage, the final order Everfount made his career. Faced with such fierce competition in the market, we need to look back to the front, do what we do best in this way can we do fine, maybe this is our future success!

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