Some experience and experience about building websites

some experience and experience about building websites

since the Internet has been a few years of history, in the online can be regarded as what the whole bar, but it seems to have not been the same long, ha ha, first do not talk about this, the following to cut into our topic!


ha ha, below I will grasp some experience and experience since the establishment of the station, and share with you, for your reference communication, if there is anything better, but also welcome criticism, correct! Ha ha


1. is first and foremost the site’s location;

ha but no matter a commonplace talk of an old scholar, such as the positioning of the site is the first one! Think of a locomotive traction train what it would be like "? Unless you want to do dumpster, mess the fence get together, but the meters interesting, not for a long time. Would you like to make a reservation first?.

There are two

types for


A1. according to the hobby, this is a very good choice, you know this aspect that has not set up


A2 has a definite object in mind, just to make money. In this case, you can look for inspiration from the rankings of search engines.

2. domain name selection

the best selection of an international domain name, if you want to do regular station, not to say that the domestic domain is not good, but the site and to spread the domestic domain name caused by the price of cabbage has a serious impact on your search engine. Some people may say I also included, but you have to understand, but you have to understand that the same results the extent of the efforts of different cities, in order to achieve the same result of your efforts is a little more

than others!

is best to use a short domain all letters, people don’t love alphanumeric combination, so don’t look solemn, you see that the portal combined? Match the choice of the domain name and website content is keyword domain contains the content on the website, which is keywords

3. domain name registration, if possible, as far as possible in the foreign domain name service provider. Mainly because of two points:

1 is cheap,

2 transfer is simple, unlike domestic restrictions so much!


on the domestic domain name selection, we can see

4. space choice, don’t skimp on space, cheap inferior space will make you a day off too late for regrets, the loss of advertising revenue is enough to buy a super good! A good space, a good website, you also know the influence of some master compared to speed the space bar, this is self-evident, I will not repeat.

don’t blindly pursue large space, unless you do the download station or the movie station, or 100m~~~200m feet

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