Adsense note Baidu began to intensify supervision for the Olympic Games

Baidu’s recent series of unusual moves, after nearly a month of observation, concluded that Baidu was buying insurance for itself,

first for those who do is edge ball website included to prevent the gates of fire affecting the fish Baidu seems to see the government face to act

secondly, Baidu has also added


this fully shows that this is not an accident, but Baidu felt a certain joint threat

related search is also removed, although in order to prevent everyone SEO, but more importantly, in order to avoid those prone to disputes in the Olympic Games during the impact of Baidu

finally found a big Baidu for those prone to problems with the use of keywords and portal site content from the first page to the third page fourth are all major contents of this fully shows that Baidu does not want a kind of any problems during the games and do the self protection problems and the past are different the inspection of Baidu to delete some illegal pictures to deal with what the attention of the whole nation is what the Olympic Games Baidu began his own supervision.

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