Grassroots from the media blogs are how to make it

introduction: wildfire burning, spring breeze blowing again, we are from the media blog, like grass, only burned countless times, but still stand up will be successful!


grassroots, from the media blog, most of them are income, general life, but ambitious friends established. We have no background, no background, and no steady income, but we also hope to realize our dreams through the media.

a few days ago, my friend asked me, "how tall is your education?" I said. "I only went to junior high school. I set up a website, SEO, set up a shop, and I was self-taught by the media.". After listening to the net friend, a little admire me, I feel so arrogant, no education can do this. In fact, the network is really not difficult, without any technology you can learn.

, for example, have to learn all kinds of languages, programming software. However, some people learn to do web work professionally and learn for years without even making a website. It seems that they learn the site building technology is a little bit of their own production. And what about us? Buying and selling other people’s good websites and spending money on what they make in a few months.

a friend said, I will not write the article can do from the media? Actually, when I started writing that is not written, now looking a little sick, had to write in order to do SEO, then set up the Shao Lianhu blog. In fact, I used to like to write diary, want to record some of their own things, so I still have a little basic, primary school writing articles on the contribution to earn money. I used to read a lot of novels and other books, and my ideas are very much, so writing articles is really not difficult.

if you are a grassroots, if you want to do from the media blog, if you want to use the media to publicize their blog, using money from the media blog, the blog of Shao Lianhu more than a year of experience tell you, teach you how to step by step to implement.

the first step, find your interest,

from the media to do the first step you have no interest in you, dry cargo, also do not know what let me teach you how? For example, you build professional, you SEO more professional, you have experience in open shop, you have experience in WeChat marketing you can write it out with you enjoy.

from the media, the most important thing is to share, you want to, listen to, will share with others. Don’t be afraid that your ideas will make people laugh and don’t be afraid of your skills. If you share, there will always be people who like you. Slowly, for a long time, it sums up what to write.

second step, from the establishment of self media blog platform

wants to be from the media. You have to have a blog. This platform is mainly to show your articles and communicate with your fans. Although there are a lot of platforms from the media blog, you have to have a major blog from the media, if too many users

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