Enterprise website construction operation fund investment strategy

many corporate owners very confused, invested a lot of money but the income is not very good, how should the enterprise website planning funds, to get traffic and access more? Business website needs to invest, if not let investment corporate website is only then the site is as can be imagined, emerge of itself and perish of itself, and not to bring any benefits and income. Just as a person to eat, if you do not give him to eat, then he will get sick, if you give him to eat, but it is not the law so he will get sick, people only maintain regular three meals a day, so people will be very healthy. The same is true of website operation, which requires enterprises not only to take good care of them, but also pay attention to strategies in terms of input.

and website construction operation points is very clear, need planning of website operation enterprise, these not only requires us to consider how much, but a more important consideration into place, time, region, target customers often visit places, only in this way, business investment will have more effect, the discourse to long in my mind, only we have a "day", "stop" and "and" our success is not far away from.

in the operation of the site, often encountered similar sites snapshot updates slow, or not updated, then simple analysis, we want to help.

1, website content similarity is too high,

2, the site was down right

3, the site has a dead link

4, the same server other site is K even

5, link site by K

we mentioned solutions website snapshot update slow, reference website www.fytpjy.cn/wangzhanjianshe/tishengkuaizhaojiqiao.html, this paper introduces how to solve the website operation process, analyze and solve the problem of website snapshot.

There are a few things we often observe when we run

websites, but we often ignore the issue — website statistics. Although the website statistics is that we often observe, almost all to see every day, and those who visit yesterday, what is the keyword and so on, but few people to analyze these keywords source, source page analysis, website access area analysis, page out rate and page user retention time. These are what we need to pay attention to and further analysis of the object, and only when we have a thorough analysis of these issues, then our website will be very clear operation. Enterprise investment will not be blind.


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