How to reduce the cost of dialogue booking costs to hospital costs three major costs

read an article about SEO on the Internet today, and what I was told about it was probably due to the fact that I was engaged in the website optimization of the medical profession. The cost of the three he mentioned: effective dialogue cost, cost, cost of appointment to the hospital, we have done detailed statistics and analysis in each marketing meeting, indeed as he said, the hospital no matter what kind of marketing, whether it is through what kind of way is around the three cost of the.

so today I would like to discuss with you how to effectively reduce these three costs, presumably this is what I and you are very concerned about a topic. Some of you may have seen it in front of me to write a medical website without drop right when it is at the end of Baidu and upstart medical industry personal view of the two articles, believe that after these two articles we are able to know the medical industry, SEO can be said to be almost killed by Baidu crippled by almost more than ninety percent of the hospitals are not in the medical website ranking achieved great breakthrough.

especially after the great sweep of Baidu algorithm 2 can be said to Scindapsus, still alive the hospital website is scanty, which led directly to the hospital’s marketing costs are quietly climbing up. Coupled with more and more people access to information from the media in order to change the traditional through the Internet to obtain information, this phenomenon also makes the media effect is also declining, in fact we do not have the hospital put paper media advertising, when only a handful of large consultation activities will put in, however the effect is not ideal.

can be said now the hospital basic mainly through the bidding and news source information playing two blocks of the main field of Internet development news source can be said to have reached the maximum, the basic resources are a staff, even the new resources will not take long will become others to do things, so the source of the news the value has been fixed. As for Baidu for the hole, it is like a double-edged sword, both to improve their marketing costs, but also improve the company’s marketing costs, the two sides also cannot give up it, so this is not worth mentioning.

so what did I say about reducing the cost of effective conversations, booking costs, and going to the hospital? The three big costs? Xiong Wei blog, here’s two ways:



many hospitals may have in doing, we also do the same in the hospital, but I would not dare to take on micro-blog in our hospital, for example, because it may be my reason of mismanagement, micro-blog has little effect, Campbell can pay more than just some recovery. But as far as I know, several of them have achieved great success on micro-blog, but I didn’t do it myself, so I couldn’t get the real data. I don’t want to introduce it here.

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