Enterprise Station SEO and marketing ideas

many companies put SEO and marketing into two departments such seemingly better management, in fact, is to weaken the competitiveness of the team, because SEO now is the core to meet the needs of the users and the marketing is based on this point, the two can only complement the function to the extreme, but not for their own business. Today, niche for everyone to share their own SEO and marketing combination of several ideas.

first, self positioning

regardless of whether you sell products or sell services, you have to make a self positioning, in order to better win customers’ recognition, the user’s needs can be broadly divided into two categories:

1, hard demand

rigid demand refers to those users to the products or services such as eating clothes, water and so on, if none of these will affect the normal life of users they had to consume things, if you belong to this type as in the case of the same quality and peer price is your core competitiveness, if the quality is better than the above competition you will be in an invincible position opponent.

2, flexible requirements

flexible demand generally refers to the user can not be required, such as: beverages, cinemas, etc., these requirements generally user autonomy is not high, unless you can stimulate their interest. This type of goods and services is not only on the quality of the more important is the concept of marketing, such as Amway eat or not are harmless but it conveys a healthy concept of success to achieve the purpose of marketing, this type of products do not and users to the theoretical price more to tell the user what kind of value can be.

second, filter user

We all know that

screening key is user search keywords in the US, according to user search keywords to infer user search habits why users to search the word instead of other words, in-depth study will know which words are what value is the human operation of the user (for example many keyword index is very high but no traffic). What is the time used in the marketing of SEO technology and thinking will know whether the user’s attention, so as to provide a positive initiative to improve doubts transformation, I often encounter some of the sales staff when someone questioned the quality problem of the products will only say that you may rest assured that we are absolutely no problem, how to convince others to reply? Only third party data or instructions in order to dispel the doubts of customers not to sell the melon puff.

third, analytical peer

war cloud: "the enemy battle", we should carry out a full range of understanding and experience of peer products and services, and then their comparison will know what place we are competitive, what needs to be improved, so that when the user will face the advantages and disadvantages of rival counterparts (Tian Ji horse) even so, the comprehensive quality of the product is not as good as the other party can win, no.

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