Micro business master did it three

introduction: This article is very suitable for preparing micro business friends to read, but I think the most valuable part in the second half, I finally know how others do it one-way, the moment can reach thousands of reasons.


"I’ve watched a lot these days,"

articles on micro business, most of which are small sellers complaining of no business, and some doing better in sharing their micro business experience,

, but in the end or leave a WeChat, this I don’t say you all understand,


is nothing more than asking you to be an agent.

why do so many people into the micro business in this industry? This problem we must start from the source, and now people are not satisfied with their income, all want to work part-time to earn extra money, there are some housewives, no work, no work every day, these two people are the major groups of micro business. They have the time, this is one, there is a very important reason is that the derivative of this industry low threshold to life.

as long as you have a smart mobile phone can go to WeChat, you can do anyway, products for someone to give you a picture on behalf of, anyway, you are offered, you may be responsible for the sales, it sounds good, but the fact is that so?

, look at how many people around you are doing business,

several of my classmates started to do this, start aimlessly scraper, the whole space full of WeChat brush, then brush the special things out of order, and then I asked her how to sell this mess, you guess how she told me


she said, "that’s not the only way to meet everyone’s needs."

she said it is not unreasonable, but we carefully calm down to think about, this is you want to let the others all need in life are ready to eat to the beat? Ready? I remember Bruce Lee said a word, he said: "I am not afraid to do ten thousand strokes, I I have a practice ten thousand times people"

what does that mean,


has said, even if you have all the martial arts, I’m not afraid of you, but I’m afraid you have a coach to the limit, the same way, back to the micro business sector is concerned, even if you put someone in need in life stuff, you also do not have the core competitiveness, you are only for each product that is a smattering of a product, did not achieve the ultimate, only this one, you lose.

I don’t mean this to discourage you. I just want to express a very simple thing: "can you do a good job first?"

people are like this, what all want to grab, and found nothing caught, she just do a few days, the first time to the circle of friends to bomb finished, the shield is also blocked, the <

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