Lu Songsong price website shopping experience

click the favorites in the "price", out of every mall on the price of 550D, Amazon,, Jingdong it is a price, it is only 10 dollars cheaper, the most beautiful table cheating, you spent 200 yuan, but no impulse.

has installed the plug-in, online shopping is convenient for many, at any point to open a store ", point favorites than price, all the different sites of similar goods prices will come out, and it can get the lowest price of the first order, allowing users to have a more affordable choice.

and then try "price ratio" of Taobao rebate

through the "price ratio" point of view, pit father Jingdong today even 550D small sets of prices, the original price is 4289, and now is 4799, Amazon more pit father, the price rose to 4885.

or go to Taobao to see it, and then "price than" plug-in to try, and now the shopping process "rebate" is very popular, perhaps even cheaper.


this clearly see, this 550D small set in the Taobao mall standard 4388 yuan, and there is a promotion commission, rebate 43.88 yuan. Click the "I want to get" and enter your Taobao ID, there will be a rebate website, buy SLR through this web site, this your Taobao account (Note: this rebate is rebate in his Taobao account customers, the address is, with your Taobao account login) next you can get 43.88 yuan Commission. By comparing prices, it was found that Taobao mall really.

you should also have a price ratio plug-in

strictly speaking, "price ratio" is not browser plug-in, but a bookmark, without installation, click start. The bookmark is based on the JavaScript code into the favorites, the advantage of this is that the real-time price can get the goods, the commodity price comparison more awesome.

"price" bookmark is always a key money price parity function network development, and can receive timely information on the goods price, is a safe, fast, green price environment, the current "parity bookmark" contains 15 mall, 1 million kinds of commodities.

extended reading: the constant price ratio network is a vertical search engine for 3C class digital goods and appliances. Consumers can use the search engine for price comparison and information inquiry free of charge. It’s also easy to remember domain name always price spelling

rate bookmark installation method


as shown, install the price bookmark also >

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