ndustry website experience a program chapter

            the current industry of many sites, swept all walks of life, you may think that others do, their little hope of doing, and I don’t think that, because there are some loopholes in the industry or very few people do, even if someone is doing, does " waste ". As long as you do. Stick to it, certainly to have the harvest, I now put this 3 years experience of the station operation industry and share the following


1: program function is not necessarily more, but to be practical, for the industry customers to get users, such as I do this industry site, part of the majority in the age above 30 years old, the function is very complicated, they don’t understand, remember to do a verification code, need to move the mouse to the input box to show the verification code, looks like a very simple question, but many users do not know how to get a call:

2: mail notification: registration, product release, message, should have mail to inform the user.

3: do not download a program, because now the Internet under the program, no one can directly add the product supply and demand background, the early and late. I think as a site manager, not only just to update the news. But also released products. The release of supply and demand, to attract business " ".


4: increase the information complaint function; some information really affect the customer experience, and can increase the complaint function, such as complaints spam information, false information.

5: commissioned inquiries; for example, free to help users search for some information.

6: mail subscription; regularly send users some industry information and transactions. Product.

7: SMS alerts: this to find a formal SP, and then between the user’s message, ten day notice to each other.

8: registration free release transaction information. Users do not need to register, you can submit the transaction information, simplify the registration procedures (some people think registered trouble, so do not want to register), I think the appropriate.

in this special real estate online

9: comments: comments and forums with the default comment to the forum, such as the "industry website experience: the procedure of" comment is submitted to the forum database default, rather than a single comment form, this can greatly active forum atmosphere.

10: added instructions: guide users to standardize publishing information. In this way, the information released by users looks more formal. Comfortable. For example, to guide users to issue titles and to limit the number of words that users publish.


above is my station to station industry industry place. I believe that as long as a little bit better than the same industry.

is enough!

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