Article type website initial stage of operation eight methods

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website, refers to other news, forum outside papers, writing class, and all other articles in the blog as the main content of the website, for example, the author of the secretarial nets the YISHION station letters text content form, is a typical type of the site, in fact, text is a necessary way to search, all kinds of links, but also one of the most important ways, in essence, the other does not belong to the type of website also draw attention to the advanced practice station, the station get better promotion. Since the creation of about a month since the Secretary visits every poet, is on the rise, ad traffic is increasing, so that some pages of the web site in the search engine has included many webmaster, how to promote the site early site, talk about experience and personal experience, the website of letters long secretarial station initial operation and summarized eight methods, hope and you learn together.

one: content updates as the basis. An early establishment of the site, there is no article, without the article, your station is not built in fact, there is no difference. The early site needs a lot of experience to update the article, therefore, can choose to steal crafty methods pointed at the beginning, "no matter", that is to say the article can (of course, the best original, but after all, we don’t have much time) first put empty frame their site all enriched, let a person feel not a space station, in the course of the acquisition from the Internet to change the appropriate title or rearrangement inside the paragraph, to cut down the thief. In the website all enrichment and then consider their own original article, so in all the search engines will be faster, not my boast, I wrote this article "web site early site operating eight law" was written in June 14th, in June 16th before the search included, please verify, this is the original power!

two: advertising as a starting point. Because the web site at the early stage of less traffic, advertising profit is book or simply not for profit, then we will therefore not advertise it? No! My answer is very clear, the advertisement also voted, remember: do not insist Many a little make a mickle.,! Don’t believe in yourself, if you study hard, work hard update, traffic will come up, you don’t sink what advertising investment, Why not?? anyway, my website advertising, traffic has been very good, and showed a rising trend.

three law: to strengthen publicity as a driving force. There are many ways to publicize, we must not ignore the role of publicity, it depends on how you can effectively use. Let me give you a few examples: the establishment of the things to tell you some Internet friends, the website address on your QQ signature, give you my address QQ friends, at the same time to share with them to help you click in your site traffic, wind in the forum and other website member signature station, the application link in various links………… Others think about it, the method is people want to come out, as long as you want to do it quickly, and then from the website statistics for analysis, >

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