The website does not edit easily how should be after correcting

personal website, not easily revised,

, if your website is not like NetEase, Baidu, Sina and other portals, if you rely on the majority of the site’s search engine, then please do not easily revised. Don’t change the title easily, either. Especially the webmaster of personal website, must be specially careful revision.

website revision may be for the better development of the site, but the website revised, the weight of the site will be reduced a lot. Traffic will lose a large part. For example, to buy beef cattle Network, in order to better development and the recent revision, the original more than and 100 IP per day traffic dropped to less than 10 IP now, the site PV also dropped from the original more than 300 to more than 20. After a careful search, finally found, because the site is a large area after the revision, Baidu and Google search engine will reduce the weight, although every day also included about 100 pages, the page snapshot maintained at 1 weeks, but most have not to search keywords. This is the limit stock network webmaster personally described to me. So there’s no such thing as sham.

combines his many years of websites, SEO optimization experience and webmasters’ common experience, and finds that this phenomenon does exist. So individual stationmaster website must not be easy, large area is revised.

How to deal with the

website? Revised the site updated daily 3 times, respectively, 7 points, 14 points, 21 points, each 3-5 of original articles, and then establish a 3-5 blog (NetEase, Sina, Sohu, etc.) on blogs into the chain, the better way is feeble, the first in text A5, the effect is very good, generally you second days to have the effect. Not recommended to BBS irrigation, BBS outside the chain more, search engine will think is spam link. A5 starting, I hope useful to everyone.

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