The property portal started in small apartments and is now valued at tens of millions of dollars


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editor note: from zero start to the valuation of tens of millions, from humble abode to a small apartment development team to 300 people, this is Zameen earth shaking changes. This paper take you to understand the Pakistan brothers magic career, they see what excels.

Zameen Pakistan this year, the successful model must be indispensable. The property portal announced this week that it will receive $9 million in B round of financing and the highest amount of financing available to local start-ups this year. Although the Rocket Internet backed Daraz received $55 million in huge financing, it is not really a local company. The native Zameen was created by a pair of Pakistan brothers who retained most of the stakes in risky investments. Such examples are rare in the e-commerce market.

in 2006, Imran and Zeeshan Ali Khan two brothers returned from Pakistan after the British created the company. The two were highly educated, with degrees from Imperial College and Oxford respectively. Prior to Zameen, they ran the B2B classified information portal. With the development of classified websites in Britain, they intend to invest in other industries with their profits.

, Zeeshan, said: "we have run more than 100 websites, covering catalogues, recommendations, collaborative marketing, and other traditional businesses such as running stadiums. As a result, their complexity is beyond our control, and we have made many mistakes. But now we understand that focusing on specific areas is more likely to succeed."

they refer to the field of real estate, and the two believe there is tremendous potential for change in the field. Looking back in 2006, when Pakistan’s network infrastructure is still very backward, the real estate market in the case of out of the network, but the development of fiery. With the help of a large number of Pakistan immigrant communities, the returns on real estate investment have been considerable. Although some people think that this is a speculative bubble, but the temptation of huge profits but people in droves: if investors have bought a piece of land and sold in 6 months, so he can easily earn 30% to 40% or even more revenue.

in addition, the two previous experience and contacts with the western market is another reason for their decision to enter the real estate. "The real estate market has a strong liquidity," Imran explained. People keep buying and leasing properties, and each transaction is worth a lot. In Britain, we saw many people looking for houses through the Internet, so I thought the model might be copied to Pakistan."

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