Why is it so difficult to start a business in Hongkong

Hongkong was among East Asian Tigers, everywhere is gold investment opportunities, but vigorous entrepreneurial activities in mainland China, at the same time, many people did not seem to want to go to Hongkong for business investment, which is why?

in this game to three killing six, but the final winner will not receive any prizes or bonuses, the only victory is won a group of senior entrepreneurs as their mentor, legal, financial guidance; can also enjoy a free office, the instructor will introduce investors to win the game entrepreneurs.

these invisible prizes attracted more than 100 teams, which are attracted by the supervisor list. In addition to this list includes a number of factory buildings in Hongkong, Xie Ruilin, chief executive officer, Shi Jingheng, former director of the Hongkong jewelry industry, former president of the, including the   himself.

Key words:

"entrepreneurship", has now become a popular search term in Hongkong, a new generation of young people. According to the Hongkong Trade Development Council issued the "2014 Hongkong youth recommendation

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