Site operations require 6 job skills

In the

era everyone is from the media, since the media platform favored by many enterprises, enterprises have begun to transfer the contents of operation positions, enterprise website operation work gradually has been neglected, but the essence and the essence of the operation is the same. I always believe that people who do good website operations, you must also do the content of other platforms operating! Today, let’s talk about what skills are needed for website operations

1. Definition of website operation

I define this concept with the content of the website operation, that is, a series of work around the website platform to enhance the popularity of the website, the website traffic and the number of users of the website.

two, website operation content

The contents of

are based on the website platform, including the analysis of the contents of the output and activity planning, content collaboration and flow data, the main purpose is to improve site traffic and maintain the user, I summed up the work contents are as follows: about

work out the website content output plan, complete the content editing plan, and ensure the quality of output;

is responsible for the production, operation and maintenance of the website contents, column pages and activity pages;

grasp the development trend of the industry and competitors, and formulate corresponding operational strategy;

is responsible for website content cooperation, resource exchange and other issues, aims to enhance the website data index;

is responsible for website traffic statistics, summary, collation and analysis, timely record, feedback and track down the problems found.

three, website operation required skills

wants to be good at website operation is not easy, need to have excellent operation knowledge and work skills, can guarantee the website continues to operate, keep fast development.

1. understand industry

web site operators, you must understand the industry, grasp the development trend of the industry, the development of the industry to follow the target to go, get the knowledge of the industry, so the goals and plans to be clearer and more accurate. Look at where the company is now, know what competitors and competitors are, and work out the operational goals, and try to get ahead of them.

2. copywriting foundation

copy is the basic knowledge of website operation, website based content collection, collation, and typesetting skills is required, good web site operators need to have strong writing skills and the contents of the last output, such as a web site title, page title, page design, column content and so on many places need good. Skills.

3. page planning skills

website operations can not help but plan many topics page, here, about the activities of the page planning process, first of all, clear the purpose of activities, to ensure that the entire event page logic clear. >

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