User behavior and social media contribute to seovip’s existing rankings


seovip’s case has been SEO practitioners, from the use of a single page in 20 days to SEO training to do Baidu home page, Scindapsus algorithm for seovip multiple punishment recovery, every time the seovip changes have caused a lot of SEO practitioners, and now seovip SEO in 4.19 to enter keywords the Baidu home page, many people think that is the influence of many high weight of the chain, some say that Robin has a rich network of resources and so on, the hedgehog don’t mention here that the hedgehog user behavior and social media influence on seovip is very large, it is because of these two factors contributed to the seovip the SEO and SEO keywords ranking training.

with nearly two years of continuous hot social media, Sina, Tencent micro-blog search results for more and more, and has become an important factor in the search ranking, see Robin once in micro-blog sent a piece of data: there are more than 1000 people visit seovip every day, there are 30% of the proportion of the visitors enter the URL directly, and import traffic from Baidu is only 18%, the introduction of traffic to the seovip site more than 20, micro-blog, and WeChat mail accounted for a gradual increase in. Its micro-blog reflects the factors have been pointed out that in the new situation, branding, traffic diversification, new media, high-quality content of the four factors will become the focus of future development. In fact, it also reflects some things, that is, user behavior and social media impact on the seovip.

I, user behavior:

brand: seovip do is search ranking, more operational, Robin through a number of popular event marketing and some personal popularity, attracting many people focus on seovip, and in the middle of the page to highlight the brand seovip, so the brand search for its Web site overall weight played a major effect.


domain name mentioned degree: with the seovip keyword SEO training 20 days to reach the Baidu search results page, many SEO practitioners to analyze it, add some SEO content of interest to share, seovip suddenly by many people mentioned in this respect to the weighted number.

results page click rate: through SEO training 20 days to reach the search results page and other hot topics, attract people to search for SEO training in the search results and click on the seovip website, so the page click rate to improve and is a weighted.


association analysis in seovip links, in fact, did not find the SEO anchor text links, what is the cause of the seovip website SEO keyword search page, it would have to say seo>

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