Website operation needs line and line combine

As a personal webmaster who wants to make money on the Internet,

thinks the most is how to operate her own website better. And what I personally do most is nothing more than doing online promotion. Once on the Internet saw such a sentence: "the website operation is not only on-line operation, the website promotion is not only on-line promotion". What the article says is website operation needs line operation and promotion, after reading, I am deep enlightened. Previously, for the operation of the site, has been too much emphasis on online promotion, I believe that many of the individual webmaster is the case. Soon after, a webmaster friend told me a story when he just began to site, is an important role to make me feel the line promotion, this paper uses the first person to share my story, I hope to help the webmaster friends.

"when I was in Tai’an Liang network, June is a hot day, I am a person riding a bicycle out publicity, printed a small red flag, write Tai’an good web site address. Go where there are lots of people. At first I was a little shy, and slowly, as time went by, I was not shy. Printed a lot of cards, to the mall where the distribution of people.

is the most important period of eleven engage in a line of activity, Tai’an’s first mobile phone card number, engage in this activity does not matter, site traffic soared.

website, the important thing is the combination of the line and the offline."


story is simple, but the meaning is not simple.

now, I contact a lot of personal Adsense, positioning themselves in the webmaster. Many do not realize that the purpose of the operation of the website and the operation of the company are the same, all for profit. Therefore, from the webmaster’s point of view, the website operation, itself with a limitation, it is easy to focus on the eyes, such as technology or other aspects. And not from the overall operations, the site operations as a business to manage.

relies solely on online promotion sites and walks on only one leg, which is unstable and incomplete. Many personal websites do not succeed not because there is no technology, not because there is no team operation, may be very not good to the network marketing and offline operation together, or a combination, but do not fully, not let it play the full utility. So how to find a node to a proper extent, combining the two have reached the perfect result? I think people need to have online operations in addition to basic knowledge should have a qualified webmaster, also must have the planning, design, management, personnel, finance, simple program ability; people need offline promotion with the management, the traditional industry planning, such as experience, also need to have some knowledge of the network. Only when both of them possess these abilities, what remains is to perfect the problems that appear in the actual operation.

then, I’ll analyze again, in fact, many webmasters know the important role of offline promotion, why not execute


, like my friend’s initial feelings, >

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