Site does not include pages SEO sandbox period is too long pet site should do so to optimize

in the SEO training school QQ group, there is a student to do a pet transport website, from the station has been more than two months. Baidu only recorded its home page, not included in the page. Through the SEO Training Institute’s view, this pet transport site has entered the long Baidu SEO sandbox. Well, such a web site, in the end what errors need to be corrected, in order to quickly break the sand box of Baidu,


1, all without pseudo static settings, increase spider crawling difficulty.


, whether Baidu or Google search engine, their spider program is more easy to crawl, static link page, the dynamic link of the whole station will increase spider crawling difficulty. Dynamic website can upload space in the root directory of a pseudo static file, let the whole station pseudo static link.

2, the chain structure within the site is poor, the entire site does not form a network structure.


in the SEO Training Institute in the previous article, said the web site chain structure to form a network structure, so that spiders can be more extensive crawling web content, increase the site included in the page. But the internal chain structure of pet transport websites is very poor. There are few other articles in this article except for very few words. When the spider crawled through the homepage to the inside pages of the website, there was no path to climb out and had to return to the front page. This situation, Baidu spider will produce fear, will not easily climb into your article page.

SEO Training Institute suggested in the article page with links to articles, or as SEO training school website then, adding "a page of the article, a" link, the website article formed sprocket.

3, website article rubbish, website is regarded as rubbish station by Baidu.


by Baidu several times algorithm recent updates, especially the "green" algorithm, Baidu is very high quality requirements of the website, no longer easily included poor quality articles. For articles mostly through replication, pseudo original web site, Baidu will be regarded as garbage station, do not give rankings. Pet transport website article is all copy other people’s article, without any original things, such meaningless articles, Baidu is not included.

SEO Training Institute suggested to spend energy in the original article on the site, and more release some of their own unique original article, Baidu will be included in the web site pages, will jump out of SEO sandbox period, get ideal ranking.

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