Summary of Adsense common advertising alliance mode

to "alliance" this word, believe that many webmaster are not strange, of course, not the webmaster. Remember when the author just contacted stationmaster this profession, do not know what stationmaster is at all, do not understand more what is alliance, advertisement alliance. After such a period of time to explore, and finally to the league has a certain grasp. Alliances, just as the name suggests, form alliances. Of course, what we say here is similar to the Baidu alliance, Google alliance this Wangzhuan mode. Many webmaster Wangzhuan owners, mainly to join advertising alliance, to join a union, to obtain economic benefits, in order to maintain the station part of income. It can be said that the flow station webmaster information on the alliance is still more concerned about. This article summarizes several League information and shares it with you.

webmaster navigation summarizes some union information, 518, Po, MOP Wangzhuan Wangzhuan alliance, Baidu alliance, Google Adsense, Sogou alliance, choose which Wangzhuan alliance, webmasters have their own selection criteria, many owners do not rely on income from the coalition to do traffic and garbage station site owners can understand under the.

1 Google alliance

believes that no matter what they do, Google Adsense is very concerned about Google, after all, Google is the world’s leading search engine company, Google sneezes, the global webmaster may have caught a cold. So, many owners are proud to join the Google alliance, to join the GG alliance, the $will be nothing difficult. The Google advertising alliance is growing with the pay per click advertising model, which is based on the Google advertising alliance, both of which complement each other and contribute to each other. However, there are still some defects in this new advertising model, which will continue to improve over time.

2 Baidu alliance

Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, in line with the Chinese people’s search habits, I am also used to this search tool. About what Baidu alliance, how to join, notes and other issues, Baidu Alliance Web site has made a detailed introduction, here will not elaborate. Baidu alliance products and services are also relatively rich, there are topics of promotion, site search, know the alliance, software promotion, etc., each product project operating mode and commission ratio also made a very detailed introduction. Join the Baidu alliance, you can get additional revenue from the site, but it is said that the Baidu alliance is not easy to apply, and this only wait for the author to apply for, to tell you, there is investigation to have a say.

3 Asia friendship alliance

Asia Friendship Center Alliance is the world’s largest dating website "Asia Friendship Center"

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