Website promotion tricks collection

as webmaster, website promotion is the most important thing, often is the most headache thing. How to make full use of the time and effort invested to achieve the greatest promotion effect is every webmaster desk to promote their proverbs.

1. content

which site, each webmaster must pay attention to?. How original, how pseudo original, competition is not others, some I also have, competition is someone else, some of my better than him, update; others do not have, I grab the original, authority. Here, we do not need to add a point, what may have gone out of their original, also do not have to get to the original, more should enhance their ability to integrate resources, unique culture and keen perspective.

2. title (Title) optimization, home page tags (META) optimization,

, in a simple way, is sentence making by elementary students. Choose a key word, give him fattening, but the effect of fattening is to others will not feel fat, but feel beautiful, reasonable, and achieved their purpose. Of course, don’t just do the title of the home page, and the title of the content page should also remember the optimization, especially the key content page. Remember, don’t try to be clever and try to cheat the search engine by cheating. That will not be worth the candle.

3. search engines submit

will site address submit to each big search engine, ugly daughter-in-law also want to see parents in law, this is to let your site go out of the first step. Now included are not difficult to search engines, especially at the beginning of the site, the basic can be quickly included, ranging from one month to the day. However, it is better to submit it manually, and it is not recommended to use the automatic add tool. This line is not easy to choose.

4. landing site directory system

many people cannot distinguish do not even know the website directory system, know mostly landing search engines, however, the importance of the landing site directory system and login search engine is the same! Website directory system in China there are two main categories: one for the web site; a major website search channel below website column list.

5. build site forum

forum site is to enhance the user experience, the viscosity is significant, do well off. People all need to communicate, from happy net popular night on both sides of the Changjiang River remarkable. Forum management is a watershed, well managed, everything will be on the rise; bad management, standing up, ups and downs, or even back. How to make the forum "live" is every webmaster to develop website development plan, should seriously consider.

6. links

this ascension website weight is very important, to attract the chain also help. Although now the PR value more pass, say more significance, but not really. Weight is a very long term site identity, no user site popularity is not high weight!

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