Strongly recommend Five ways to test your mobile phone web page


@ Chen Zimu careful students are not difficult to find, and now use mobile phone access to excellent network, with a new reading experience, but also very fast. Such changes, in fact, have received a lot of advice from WeChat and micro-blog fans, who want to read the best articles on micro-blog and browser (sync) at work, work, and sleep.

we know the daily volume of mobile phone browser is in growth, according to the statistics of StatCounter, mobile phone and tablet usage accounted for about 30% of network traffic, which means that consumers spend on mobile page time is higher than ever. Even with responsive designs such as mobile terminal priority, testing of the terminal screen before loading is also due to stress due to the complexity of the current device size and variety.


in the near future, the mobile terminal will make desktop devices overshadowed.

has many different approaches to web testing on mobile terminals, but these methods vary greatly. Here are 5 different ideas for testing the mobile version of the web page for your reference:

1 tests

on real mobile devicesIt is always best for

to test mobile pages on real devices, after all, the simulator’s level of authenticity is always limited, and some of the details of the experience can not be completely imitated. Many factors including user experience, network effects, pixel density brings visual effect, the actual size of a variety of visual elements, the actual page load time, waiting or actual equipment come true.

of course, thorough testing is impractical. Time and money are important factors in each project. However, investing in the mobile end device test suite is ultimately correct, especially when you are faced with a full set of customer facing services. In general, such a test suite is made up of the most popular hardware devices of the day. As a result, the situation in which the test is oriented and the situation the user is facing is exactly 1:1. Brad Frost once wrote an article on how to carry out such tests, although the article is a bit older, but the idea of the article is completely free.

if such a test suite exceeds your budget, then you can at least take your own and your friends around the phone to test, in general, can cover iOS and Android platform is enough.

2, virtual machine testing using iOS and Android

software simulator is pretty good without the proper hardware device. These emulators were originally designed to test local applications for iOS and Android, and the built-in browser restored them as much as possible

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