The meaning behind malicious hype on video websites

should be Webmaster Station forum moderator king return invitation, I wrote about video sites and community websites malicious speculation.

one. Let’s look at the consequences of the hype,

The introduction of

1. national law. The recent pornographic incident, jurisprudence events in 2007, Apple was a fragment of our event, this event, a series of hit, China regulations and Internet moral things directly to the national introduction of video website management level. At this point, the knees were fed to the energy free video station and the knees could not be eaten.

2. pornographic incident, Zhanjiang pornographic pictures, 70 Lan Dong insulted young people events. Auto beauty cleaners are rampant, some events, forcing parties to apologize, some directly forced the party to beg for mercy. Auto show cleaners, beauty already can not stand it.

3. social impetuous. At one time or another, the social news is full of rubbish information and takes up a great deal of media resources. Put society on the edge of impetuous and moral bottom line. The children have seen a lot of porn this year.

4. network at this time of speculation, just in order to survive in the future, just like Youku rely on Zhang Yu’s "Yan gate" event superior.

other websites and communities, like gathering popularity, will inevitably come up with many, not a touch of the ball incident. Then mess up the network.

5. society, young people and children’s values and outlook on life changes, I found that many children are not very simple, very practical, they all know that these things, caught in the social and network waves.

The real upper class of

6. disdain this and promote social stratification. Values and identities are not always. The search for human flesh in society and the Internet is no longer believable".

two. Look at the means,

1. leveraging play. Big deal。

2. fabricates lies and stories and fabricates the parties.

3. editor to write the hype, top propaganda.

4. came out with an "insider", playing bewildering

5. meat, plain meat.


6. the so-called "experts"


three. Look at the tricks of these sites,

why they do these things, because they have no other things to do, if you do like I do first IT webmaster at, they had no time to think of the influence of social things, from the surface of justice, become as the initiator. A false countenance.

these websites don’t know the moral impact on them is so big. A big station, a lot of things to say, rookie and child will believe. You know what?. Can be disclosed and reported, do not involve boring speculation.

actually, it’s about our environment. You don’t do it

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