Three major trends of online travel Tourism mobility socialization and deep personalization

Millennium generation, born in 1984-1995 years, in 2014, 19-30 years old, China’s 270 million, accounting for 14% of the total population of china. With the rapid development of the Internet, they are the main technology products. More than 92% of them have smart phones, they check more than 150 times a day, and the average time is 6.37 hours per day. Ten years after their 29-40 years old, most of the social consumption marry and settle down, become the absolute main force, there is no doubt that their travel preferences will be the real trend of the future, the future trend of the Internet and the combination of them so we have to think of the relationship between tourism and Internet and tourism.

trends one: live in the moment of the generation, tourism mobile

the generation of young people living in the moment, immediately asked, flexible travel services, rather than their "demand", rather than "want" more appropriate, the demand is a noun, want is the action, the rise and development of the mobile Internet is their appetite, they can get what they want the information.

domestic mobile travel market is developing rapidly, according to statistics, official data on Ctrip pointed out that by the end of June, Ctrip mobile phone application downloads has exceeded 160 million; "where travel has become the first breaking 100 million downloads tourist class APP, and according to where the network released the first quarter of 2014 reported to where network mobile terminal revenue of 106 million 300 thousand yuan, an increase of 415.1%, where the network CEO Zhuang Chenchao said, where the future will continue to increase investment in the mobile terminal. Elong 2014 first quarter earnings report showed that the number of mobile clients elong hotel guest room nights in the number of elong night under the own brand accounted for more than 40%, will soon exceed 50%, eLong CEO Cui Guangfu said that the mobile client has become elong guests to choose the largest hotel reservation.

the same way network CEO Wu Zhixiang also recently released the staff internal mail mentioned in the same way the biggest challenge and opportunity that is the mobile Internet, mobile phone, and said to be within a year for mobile counter attack, there are indications that the mobile terminal has become online travel companies to win customers, an important channel for market share. In 2014, China Mobile paid in the first quarter of the approaching 4 trillion, the mobile payment is becoming the new trend of payment, as more and more consumers are used to pay for mobile, mobile travel market will usher in more business opportunities.

over the past year, the travel market has increased the movement in the mobile terminal, the new version of APP update dazzling, with only one goal: improve the mobile end user experience, and strive for more wireless resources. Obviously, the ability of tourism service providers have instant information service does not necessarily guarantee development, but if the lack of, no doubt will be eliminated in 2014, whether the tourism industry giants or start-up companies, mobile tourism is imperative, the competition in the 2014 tourism industry in the mobile terminal will.

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