On the development direction and website advantages of vertical SNS community website

with the Facebook into China news spread like wildfire, SNS once again light up people’s attention, what is SNS? SNS Social Networking Services, the social networking services, which is designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services, based on the six degree theory as the basis, to understand the foundation, expand their contacts, share their preferences. In today’s SNS market, happy school, 51, Baidu, QQ monopoly China most users, the bigger the weak, how to change their own situation, increase its value, expand the brand influence, improve user stickiness


vertical sns– community web site development direction

what is the vertical community website? Vertical SNS website is specified in the industry or professional, through the combination of SNS and vertical demand, based on common interests, looking for like-minded friends, share and discover their own preferences.

What are the advantages of

vertical SNS sites:

, the target user clear; website can be ready to pinpoint their location, in a clear understanding of their own, based on their own positioning, increase the target users, such as good beans nets, her goal is the vast number of users, delicacy enthusiasts, so it can be targeted for site promotion, to find the target users.

two, strong practicability; hanging community site positioning is clear, so its function is very prominent, and as good beans network, positioning and Chinese the largest share and discover the community with clear delicacy, user demand point, here, you can share your favorite delicacy to your friends, making method you can learn the delicacy, and friends exchange delicacy experience. So he satisfies the 2 major features of recreation and practicality.

three, active and strong; is the so-called Like attracts like., easier to find Birds of a feather flock together., like-minded friends in the vertical community website, also because of the vertical characteristics, conversation is more likely to be accepted, leading users to participate in the enthusiasm of UGC is also rising. In conclusion, the emergence of vertical community websites is not accidental, but is based on people’s desire to communicate and communicate with relevant professionals or lovers.

four, user loyalty is high; the vertical SNS entertainment and utility determines the site have a strong adhesive to the user, because the vertical community website user usually is a real demand for professional exchanges, is the common interest groups based on to the comprehensive community website, he does not have a large amount of loss of customers in addition, the vertical SNS virtually created a sense of team culture, and loyalty is very high.

five, high commercial value; advertisers can get the maximum value at the minimum cost. Remember who said "no sort of information, no value, no users without the same sort of stuff", "vertical SNS nets"

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