New station trick put the women’s favorite web site do Baidu first page

?? had written a new Baidu three days are included in the article, people do not know what is not see Baidu, published in the second week, the site was K off, then could not find any content.

?? no way, I had to turn over a fresh start. At the request of his girlfriend, the new website is called klemai fashion women’s web. Domain name can not use, and had to use the domain name.

?? there is a saying, Every cloud has a silver lining., perhaps Baidu K I have Kuiyi domain name, the domain name enabled after a week, Baidu included a generous. Since it provides female content, I take a provocative Name: women love -klemai fashion women’s web.

?? the site, I am not going to Baidu know and send advertising post, maybe I’m on a domain name that is K off, memory is very painful! Straight not, can bend it, since I want to protect this domain, and I want to go to Baidu people the local publicity, how to solve this contradiction?

?? you tell me, please keep your eyes open, I trick to


? That’s: register 1 yuan domain name, domain name jump operation,


?? I registered 1 yuan domain, some.Cn around advertising, when users click on the domain name, all automatically jump to my real website, the flow of people to come up, if Baidu does not find it carefully, should not know these names are all pointing to my


?? Heaven helps those who help themselves. ah, one day, I found the website traffic surge, quickly find the source directory, ha ha, surprise coming! If someone in Baidu search "women love website", a.Cn domain name I will jump at the first page, the original domain jump so


? I think after this article is published, the webmaster who has the intention to see my article will also consider starting to use some.Cn domain name to jump in the way of advertising. But what I want to say is that the domain name jump can bring people to your website for a while, but how can your website really be based on the long term?.

?? at last, thank you for reading my article, and I welcome you to do the exchange, my QQ is: 912402409, similar to the Links card website.

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