What are the display skills of brand clothing store

clothing industry has always been an industry entrepreneurs consider time in the business, has a very big demand, brand clothing store, good store location and decoration for the merchandising is very important, can not be sloppy, because a good display can attract more consumer attention, so as to improve the store popularity, bring good business for you. How to do a good job of brand clothing store merchandise display? This article made a detailed introduction, together to understand it.

1, the theme of the display: to dress furnishings set a theme display essentials. The subject should often be changed to suit the needs of the season or special matters. Pay attention to detail design and modification of jeans. It can make the store to create a unique atmosphere, absorb the attention of customers, and thus play a role in the promotion of goods.

2, all furnishings: the complete set of goods to customers, such as the full set of clothing as a whole, with the human body model from head to toe to complete the furnishings. All the furnishings can form for customers all the ideas that facilitate customers to buy.

3, all the furnishings: according to the size of the shelves, numerical certain goods in length and width and height, the goods must be arranged, excellent goods quantity, so as to give customers a comfort, all the furnishings goods store is usually dumping to the customer want to bulk goods, or because of the seasonal component of large amount of customers to buy the high frequency of goods, purchase.

4, random furnishings: is the random accumulation of goods essentials. It is mainly suitable for the display of special goods, it is to give customers a "sale of goods that is the strength of the product," the impression. The use of random Chen to try to use the furnishings, the daily round or four – shaped mesh basket, but also with a special offer for sale.

5, disc: reality is changing all furnishings furnishings, reproduction is commodity weight, single pieces of daily items ordered packing, the goods is arranged at the bottom of cartons for disc cut after leaving, then to build up such a disk as a unit, never mind speed clothing display speed, also in certain level prompt customers never mind to buy.

6, positioning furnishings: refers to certain goods once the position of the position is confirmed, the daily change no longer. Positioning furnishings products are generally well-known brand-name goods, customers buy these goods, a large amount of high frequency, so the need for these goods to be strong position to display, to facilitate customers, especially the old customers.

7, associated display: looking at pure jeans. Refers to the different but complementary clothing display together. The use of complementary goods, never mind the customer in a purchase of goods, the goods would also buy manipulation. It never mind making all furnishings store diversification, also increases the customer purchase commodity recommendation

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