What do the horse business of second hand car market to beat the pack

many people want to have a car of their own, but the cost of buying a new car is too big, used cars become a lot of people choose. So the used car is very entrepreneurial prospects. Let’s take a look at the second-hand car market this one component of the "cake"!

"I would love to open the second-hand car, now is also the second-hand car." Interest and career can be combined together, the electricity supplier origin of the car is easy to shoot chairman Wang Tiejun can be said to be lucky. 2006, led by Wang Tiejun, the four electricity traders that if you can not solve the problem of the standardization of used car conditions, based on the Internet platform used car companies can not be achieved. After three years of research and development, the successful application of 268V R & D system. By the basic information, historical accidents, vehicle technology, the three part of the composition of more than 260 criteria for the detection of the used car condition rating has a rating scale. From the 2009 Asian city to recruit the first batch of 20 second-hand car e car dealers to establish business relations with Beijing in 2012 more than and 200 4S stores, over 2500 registered businesses, monthly trading volume reached more than 4 thousand units, the annual turnover is 460% in 2011, the second-hand car average price of 50 thousand yuan, annual turnover of more than 1 billion.

  however, the reporter from the old motor vehicle market in Beijing to get the data, in 2012 Beijing second-hand car trading volume reached about 650 thousand, compared with an increase of 58% in 2011. Although the final data did not come out, but in 2012 the volume of second-hand cars in Beijing will be the first time more than a new car, the record of the most recent transaction volume has no suspense. Average price of a car 50 thousand calculation, the transaction amounted to 30 billion. Billions of transactions accounted for only 0.3%, much less trading volume, compared to the 2012 5 million national car obviously, now open market is just a drop in the bucket.

to subvert the traditional Shen Jung told reporters: "compared with the 30 billion big cake, 1 billion the amount is too little, but the second-hand car market is a messy market, each individual volume is not large, because of this, it is particularly striking 1 billion." According to our reporter, as an important distribution center for second-hand cars in Beijing, Linghai second-hand car market currently has 500 registered businesses, the annual trading volume of up to 420 thousand. But the average annual transaction volume is only more than and 800, the transaction amount is only up to 40 million.

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