nternet she open a new era of women entrepreneurs

prosperity of the Internet to create a lot of young entrepreneurs eager to make trouble. Through the practice of millions of people, have proved that the "Internet plus" mode for the supporting role of entrepreneurship. Under the guidance of women’s Federation, more and more women learn to use the Internet to create business opportunities.

80 Zhang Defeng is Tengzhou Lu Hua Logistics College Business Park Taobao shop owner, she runs Taobao stores in more than three years, the successful sales of 25 thousand single, shops have been promoted to the "crown" level. Referring to the entrepreneurial process, she sincerely said: I operate on the Internet Tengzhou cereals. In recent years, thanks to the help of the city women’s Federation, to resolve many of the difficulties in my entrepreneurial road." These days she is ready to meet the availability of supply net sales during the Spring Festival in hot season.

in support of women’s entrepreneurship, innovation and implementation of the Municipal Women’s Federation also "Tengzhou sister specialization, standardization, informationization, the integrity of the" four modernizations "service, through the creation of" Tengzhou sister electronic service platform "," open Internet plus housekeeping service "mode, established by households, Yuesao and nursery teacher 8 WeChat group, convenient employment of communication between the two sides, domestic service industry to achieve a net development.

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