Nail shop to improve profitability first sales

nail industry project has become a hot investment, but also because of this, in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the market, how to run a nail shop, get more profit? Of course, can not be separated from the store’s sales ability. So how to improve the nail shop sales ability? Let us first look at the nail shop sales force is mainly reflected in what areas:

1, nail shop sales management capabilities. Nail shop needs a good operator or a good dean to perform this ability. Operators should be able to manage. What does it mean, such as the daily running of the water, the state of the employees, the changes of the customers, the dynamic of the market and the cost control, etc.. Nail shop president to be able to manage. If every morning and evening meetings, daily water, staff morale and customer changes, the promotion plan formulation and implementation, the content can be in the form of scientific and standardized management.

2, nail shop sales training ability. Nail shop to establish their own talents (technicians) to form a training mechanism, help, with a combination of formal education and training model features. Nail training will not learn from the meeting, from the sales to the fine skills.

3, nail division on the implementation of the sales policy. Performance in the nail on the sales policy of understanding, support and execution, nail shop can be achieved through the sales management system to this point.

4, nail sales ability. Sales need skills. These techniques must be explained through the mouth of the artist, in a certain way.

sales ability can be summarized into three points: one is the language communication skill, two is the running skills, customer needs and potential demand, the teacher can find good Manicure in just one or two words in communication at the same time, through the clever use of language skills and the ability to observe and guide customers to complete the transaction. Three is the maximization of sales. How to manage Manicure shop? If a customer has purchased five thousand yuan of consumption ability or potential, excellent teachers must not only let her Manicure consumption of five hundred yuan, while the consumption should be at least five thousand yuan or even more! Manicure division sales ability into volume indicators, is the monthly sales performance. A 150 square meter nail shop needs at least about six to about ten nail artists, each of the lowest performance indicators can not be less than 7000 yuan / month sales tasks. As a result, this nail shop monthly water should be forty thousand yuan to about $seventy thousand. This can ensure that the steady flow of nail shop continued profitability.

nail industry market prospects, but want to open a profitable nail shop, the key depends on how to operate, how to operate a nail shop? More than the sum of the nail shop sales advice, investment managers can write from this aspect to improve the nail shop sales ability to improve operating efficiency.

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