What are the advantages of store location

although now every operator knows the importance of store location, however, want to have a suitable site, but also need to master some skills. In the current hot entrepreneurial market, in order to allow more entrepreneurs to choose the right store, the industry has summed up the relevant ideas. So, what are the location of the store?

choose business shop, folk known as "terminal selection". The "dock" position is good or bad, good or bad business, has a great impact. Business shop location, mainly in the choice of a firm to ensure that the spirit of energy, inviting customers, conducive to business, can bring good business environment.

first recruit: Take South to avoid the Northeast

in the Feng Shui site selection, to south. Its purpose is to avoid the summer heat and winter cold. The choice of business address, also need to consider the sun and the wind. So, the best is still facing the south, take the south.

as a business nature of the use of shops in the business activities need to open the door. If the door is open to things, then, in the summer, the sun will be from morning to evening, through the door to the store. The summer sun is hot, this was regarded as sacred Feng shui. The stock of the store business activities Shaqi is bad. Paying into the store first of all by the interference is the clerk.

clerk under the scorching sun exposure head stars, mouth parched and tongue scorched, sweating, it is difficult to adhere to the work of a good mood. The clerk working in low spirits, or asking for shade, or even cool, or cold air blowing fan, in such circumstances the clerk must fire irritability, thus inevitably to business as "God" customers simple coping, and even manhandled. So and so, of course, not to do business.

is paying interference, second is the commodity. Goods in the sun exposure, very easy to become brittle yellow, serious will affect the quality of goods. If the goods stored in the near future, that can be sold, the impact is not large, if the goods are sold for a long time, it can not be scrapped. The result is that the business is not done, to lose money.

is paying interference, the customer is third. Stores in the hot sun under the heat, for the customer, not forced will not come. Furthermore, no customers are willing to choose the goods under the sun. Shop no customers, paying becomes more heavy. Paying variable is not dead, this shop.

if the shop toward the north, winter is also unimaginable. Whether it is blowing the northeast wind, or scraping the north wind, will open the door to the shop in the drill. As cold as a Feng Shui was overweight, the evil spirits, people do not have to "business activities

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