How to join the pan Yancheng cold noodle

cold noodle such a street snack brand snack items, how can you miss as an investor, do a good way to get rich to cold noodle than what is convenient, and the cold noodle franchise brand small series recommended Yancheng pan cold noodle for you. Yancheng pan cold noodle to transfer a good cold noodle, bright white leather, gluten and yellow, because the adsorption of soy sauce Huang Guasi green, green chili oil open think slobber, the consumer to the editorial recommendation a lot of delicacy. Yancheng pan cold noodle, cold noodle is the grassroots food, won the favor of people, affordable and delicious. Many kinds of different practices, cold noodle, made out of the taste is different, each has a characteristic each, each have each characteristic. Soft lubrication, hot and sour taste, refreshing appetizer, regardless of everyone all over but it. Yancheng pan cold noodle how to join?

Yancheng pan cold noodle how to join?

Yancheng pan cold noodle joining conditions:

1, Yancheng pan cold noodle investors need to be sincere and long-term cooperation, has a certain influence in the channel region;

2, familiar with the local market, with a wealth of product resources, in the region has a wealth of channel resources;

3, a professional marketing team responsible for channel development, to maximize the realization of Yancheng pan cold noodle channel laying;

4, Yancheng pan cold noodle franchisees need to fully tap their own channels and various resources fully promotion work;

5, to strictly enforce the policies of the headquarters of the Yancheng pan cold noodle merchants.

Yancheng pan cold noodle joining process:

shop, Yancheng pan and pre cold noodle franchise headquarters signed a letter of intent to the store (right) to sign the audit inspection to rent shops signing the franchise contract and pay the initial fee, shop staff recruitment, training, planning and design, construction, equipment installation and engineering acceptance, trial operation and publicity to the official business shop.

if you have to join the Yancheng pan cold noodle idea, please first on our website under the advisory message, we will contact you later on, to provide more information for you to join.

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