Why Western food stores have been sought after

western style food is now the representative of a lot of friends like to eat Western food. We can see everywhere in our life, choose the right brand, so we can get a good income. So, why is it so popular? Xiao Bian introduced.

in a recent interview with the food, the reporter learned from the Beijing Food Industry Association, Beijing, many Western restaurants have gone to eat in the western line, the localization of Western food is also more likely to be accepted by the people of Beijing. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 600 Western restaurants in Beijing, which are characteristic of Western restaurants in Beijing. At present, Beijing has more than and 30 countries around the world flavor characteristics of the restaurant, in addition to Italian, French, American dishes, as well as Argentina, Turkey, Iran dishes, etc..

now, the localization of Western restaurants by consumers, according to the reporter interviewed a number of restaurants in Beijing found that some of the improved Western food is more likely to be accepted by consumers in Beijing. According to the person in charge of the restaurant Yi Zhen, evolved by Western-style food "Pan-Fried Beef Steak with Black Pepper" not only the taste is more close to the consumers, but the price is cheaper than Western-style food steak half, the store has become a signature dish. Matador West Restaurant official told reporters, now playing full cooked brand, fresh and juicy, improved steak favored by consumers. Not only the steak, but also the dessert after dinner improved route. Taiwan Hotel dessert, to maintain its European style dessert Western flavor, but also the use of a number of low fat materials; new overseas Chinese restaurant dessert is on the basis of West Point, into the delicate features of Chinese snacks. And some western restaurant dessert also chose the snow clam, bird’s nest and other Chinese materials.

Now the

Western-style food business is very hot, Western-style food stores is now a hot investment projects, as long as the investment Western-style food stores can be profitable, the franchisee friend you are still hesitant to join investment Western-style food shop, tomorrow is your friend miss the franchisee today’s hesitation, quickly Western-style food stores investment, chasing belongs to you the wealth of the glory.

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