What are the conditions for the successful operation of silver shop

silver shop successful business needs to meet what conditions? Many businesses are on the business knowledge is very interested, they want to quickly acquire more useful skills into business, today Xiaobian bring some professional advice on hope can help you easy profit, not to be missed.

inn location of the residents around (living conditions), transportation system facilities (traffic conditions), facilities of the surrounding environment (attractive conditions). Information on the above 3 conditions must be collected and analyzed. A large number of people, the transport system developed and has a number of functions in the region, is the ideal place to shop. However, it is necessary to grasp the premise that the region is the development of the process of growth, stagnation or recession stage, which is the first factor to be considered in the field investigation.

such as the population rate increases gradually, the large scale of the new store opened out, or other store expansion is very active in the region, and gradually expand business scale in the area of transport customers and the customers gradually increased and so on, all can reflect the region have gradually signs gradually development, thus the potential of shop big. On the contrary, it shows that the region is in recession, not suitable for shop. Lee said that he operated a number of Shun Yin silver jewelry stores, the site is to judge by this, at the same time, because of their own place to go more, some experience is also accumulated in this way. Therefore, the edge of the silver edge to give their own strong support plus their own carefully selected to join the address has become their entrepreneurial success emboldened.

Lee introduced, in addition, in front of the shop, but also for their own store features good target customers, and fully understand the number of stores in the region in this population, whether to support the survival and development of the shop. For example, you can through the transaction price, purchase frequency, business layout, to calculate the number of customers must have.

formula: = average annual turnover of 1 customers per transaction price to buy × number of × 1 customers within the business year; the number of customers to buy, you can calculate the values of how many customers have to fight, and make sure that the area is not the existence of a sufficient number of target customers: within the business customers to buy the number = a the turnover of ÷ years (1 times in average transaction price; × 1 years of customer purchase times).

with silver jewelry, if the average consumer per transaction price of 150 yuan a day, there must be 15 people to buy, the silver stores in order to maintain the business, through the purchase frequency for the purchase of 1 times 30 days a year to 360 days, the number of customers is the silver shop should be: (150 yuan × 15 people × 360) (÷ 150 yuan × 12/) =450.

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