These scams are to be taken care of during the college season

a lot of Chinese students are poor reading, dead reading, in the university has not gone far before the countless, so, once into the university is likely to be a variety of deception. Open season is coming, many suspects using the characteristics of freshmen psychological the implementation of fraud. Xuzhou police combing the case of college freshmen cheated occurred when the entrance to prospective college students on the first lesson".


cheated in fake 12306 site tickets

last summer vacation, a freshman in the university to buy tickets from Chongqing to Xuzhou on the Internet, in the search out of a number of entries, he casually entered a 12306 train ticket booking website. After the purchase order confirmation as a normal but he was told not to buy, must pay again, and promised to repay before the fare will be. As a fill in the information again after payment, found two payments have been deducted, and ticket payment still failed.

[police remind]

criminals to build a cottage 12306 sites or airline ticket website for fishing, college freshmen must pay attention to identify the first ticket.


posing as counselors pay tuition

Li school enrollment in the window to pay tuition fees, a 30 year old woman came up and down, you are not Moumou? I’m a counselor in your department." The counselor said to queue up for a long time, she can help them pay tuition fees, and let Mike first to the hostel check-in. Xiao Li saw her wearing a new brand, holding a stack of forms, there is no doubt that the cash to the counselor. After Xiao checked the situation when the payment was deceived.

[police remind]

admission, do not believe the so-called enthusiastic people, do not let others to pay for their own expenses.


mistakenly on the black car was blackmail

at the entrance of the Xiao Wu want to go downtown shopping, other car in the bus station, a man driving a car came to talk to her, "go to the beauty? I’ll take you." How does the bus to see Xiao Wu, the man sat in the car. The trip to the half, Xiao Wu asked how much is this man was originally expected to fare as long as 40 yuan fare, the man mouth asking price 400 yuan. Xiao Wu felt afraid, do not give money will suffer personal injury? So she contacted the students on WeChat, sent their own positioning, so that they contact the police to find a recommendation

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