Xiaobian introduce dessert shop tips

a lot of friends love to eat dessert, so dessert is chowhound who often patronize the place, if want dessert, you should learn some tips. For entrepreneurs must master the skills of operating desserts, and then shop. Here we introduce the dessert shop skills.

two skills: personnel structure. Many restaurants will feel too much spending on staff salaries, while high wages have failed to improve efficiency. In setting up the personnel structure, because of unreasonable management leads to significant loophole, the staff did not do their best, so all the functions should be subdivided into every step, and make a comprehensive assessment system, to improve the staff’s enthusiasm and responsibility.

three skills: concept of management. The concept of management is divided into two kinds: first, the concept of signs, signs should do the first feeling that allows customers to understand the business category, so that customers at a glance at the store’s product categories, clear the concept of their own brand of consumption. Two, the concept of promotion, so that customers intuitively understand the promotional products, prices, discounts, benefits and other intuitive understanding of promotional content information.

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