Ludong University employment rate to break the record

2015 years, the proportion of Chinese college graduates entrepreneurship than in previous years has not improved. This is mainly due to the whole society for entrepreneurship advocacy and support, so that entrepreneurs have confidence in entrepreneurship, more willing to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship.

2015 years, in the face of severe employment situation, Ludong University actively planning, and constantly improve the employment and entrepreneurship policy, to take seven initiatives to promote the employment of graduates work steadily, solid development.

held "100" hand started business marketing competition,   "employment forum", teachers’ professional skills competition more than 60 . Set up "resume clinic" for graduates in the". The second national college students resume contest, the school won the two prize, the "excellent teacher award", the college students career development association was awarded the "excellent campus Association Award" (1) in the year of the year, and it was awarded the "1"".