Zhu Peijun venture to do a good job to make a lot of money tutor

success to make money, this may be the goal of any entrepreneur. However, in our real life, because of a variety of reasons, leading entrepreneurs to obtain the success of the cause of history, not to mention the money. But as long as we choose the right business opportunities, while willing to work hard to make money can become a reality. Here, Xiaobian introduce Zhu Peijun successful entrepreneurial case for everyone.

7 years ago, Zhu Peijun left "a secure job" to start a business, first because of the wrong venture, he owed $about 200000 in debt. The second venture, Zhu Peijun choice tutoring and because of the "11 family" and other special services, to the rapid development of the company, he is now involved in the training market, the company annual turnover of 1 million yuan.

initial venture failure

Zhu Peijun in college is the financial professional, after graduation to an organ work, won the enviable "a secure job". But the restless Zhu Peijun always wanted to own a business, in 2000, he decided to resign to start their own business.

Zhu Peijun first venture chose the beverage industry, he borrowed 20 thousand yuan of money, has become the general agent of a fruit juice brand in Ningbo, mainly for some hotels and hotel sales. "I would like to Ningbo so many hotels and restaurants, fruit juice sales certainly no problem, now think about their own things to think too simple, or should choose their own business familiar with the project. This kind of juice price is relatively high, the sales situation is not very good, plus the hotel and we are at the end of each month, the amount of funds occupied a lot."

operation for more than a year, Zhu Peijun not only did not make money, because he has to continue to spread, put a few million yuan, finally because the financial situation has been unable to make ends meet, he had to hastily end business, owed a total of about 200000 yuan of debt.

500 yuan started tutoring agency

Zhu Peijun unwilling to beat a retreat, working for others after 3 months, he had accumulated to 500 yuan of money, he is ready to use the money to start from scratch. This is the choice of Zhu Peijun tutoring industry. I have done in the university tutor, the industry is more familiar with their own, and after the investigation of the market, I found that this line of investment in small, easy to start." Zhu Peijun returned to his alma mater to be familiar with the price of 400 yuan per month, the hostel rented a room in the school, as both office and residence when, and the rest of the 100 yuan to tutor the registration form and the leaflets printed.

because there’s no phone, only to entertain the public telephone Zhu Peijun Institute as a contact telephone number, and then put the propaganda single to campus and nearby district. "In the first month, there were more than and 100 college students to apply for registration

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