Shanghai venture loans to benefit college students

in today’s highly entrepreneurial boom, more and more people want to get rich through entrepreneurship, but have no venture capital and delayed action. In this regard, the Shanghai municipal government issued a policy for college students to provide entrepreneurial support loan guarantees. Shanghai new venture loans benefit entrepreneurs in the school, there are 7 college students in Shanghai.

according to the "Labor News" reported that Pudong New Area, Yangpu District Business Services Department recently received good news from the entrepreneurs in the school, within the two regions more than college entrepreneurs have got 150 thousand yuan of loans before the start. Reporters recently learned from the Shanghai Municipal Employment Promotion Center, after the implementation of the new policy of venture capital, these are the first batch of Shanghai to benefit from the application of entrepreneurial loans for college students.

last year, the municipal government started the implementation of the third round of action plan to encourage entrepreneurship to create employment for three years, launched the "66" business support policies and measures to further increase the business loan policy support, for the first time loans relaxed to Shanghai city college graduation in reading or under the age of 35 non household venture in Shanghai city.

Wang Bin is a graduate of Maritime Economics in 2016. He is keen on photography, engaged in photography in the University during the part-time work, accumulated a lot of experience and resources. In the harbor city, he was keenly aware of the needs of college students to record college life, graduation, portrait shooting, graduation video. As a result, he sprouted after graduation in the harbor to open a professional photography studio ideas.

however, the need to invest more for photographic equipment, camera, lens, studio equipment, computer and printer, also need make-up, digital division, post production personnel, rent, broadband etc.. As a graduating student, how to solve the difficulties of venture capital? In April this year, Wang Binxin to understand the relevant policies of venture loans, as long as the recommended materials issued by universities and other related materials can handle 150 thousand of the loan before the start. He graduated this year is in line with the conditions, have to carry out the project, the loan to him quite awesome. After the preparation of the material, the project argument reply, Wang Bin won the 150 thousand venture loans.

in July this year, Wang Bin incorporated the company, the registered capital of 500 thousand yuan, the partnership shareholders of the three. Located in the University of the city’s studio on the basis of the previous upgrade, and maritime university technology transfer center is currently negotiating settled agreement. The studio in the port area of the college students to fine art photo service passport, etc., in the production of video, has established a good cooperative relationship with the port group, port area development and construction management committee, the Marine High-tech Venture Park and some other enterprises. At present, the company has a more stable business income.

in addition to the Shanghai venture capital

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