Choose your path to the industry to go further

for today’s entrepreneurs, choose a promising industry, it is essential. There is a saying that the woman afraid to marry the wrong Lang, men fear into the wrong line". For all the entrepreneurs who are used to man’s life and family possessions ", is afraid of their first step to go wrong. There are a lot of entrepreneurs in the face of numerous projects do not know how to choose, in fact, as long as you know how to choose the project where the industry, the clues on the clear.

1. your health status and mental status are allowed. Every entrepreneur needs to work overload, the pressure will be very large. If you are in poor health or prone to depression, you have to be cautious in choosing a business.

2. recognize yourself. What does your family look like? What is the impact of the industry you choose on your family?

3. industry history. There is a saying "know", only know the past, you will know now, know the future. You need to know the history of the past. In the past it is how, what the impact of the event is relatively large, long cycle.

Future trends in

4. You need to understand how the industry will change in the future, what kind of future will show what kind of trend.

5. financial considerations. In this industry, how much money is generally needed in what stage, how do you get these funds in general how long will be profitable, about how much profit, how do you use these funds?

– service enterprises

although many types of enterprises, all kinds of, all kinds of services, but close to 70%. As a result, many entrepreneurs choose to set up a service company, which is the most easy way to make use of their professional skills accumulated over the years. The so-called service enterprises, in simple terms, is to provide services to gain profits. All of the education, trade, tourism are included in the service sector, of course, lawyers, accounting, consulting, web design, etc..

to start a service enterprises must learn to do a "catch home". Once you open a business, or distribute ads everywhere, you have to show the identity of the experts in their field. To provide services, you have to convince others that you feel that you are reliable, insurance, only in this way, your business will be better.

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