4 doomed to be in the fire of the 2014 science and technology start ups

With the continuous development of

era, all kinds of new things appear. As early as 2008, we basically believe that Airbnb (a rental housing rental community) is ridiculous. Investors will not invest in it. Behind this online vacation rental service flashy without substance entrepreneurs called unrealistic people, think the idea is doomed to daleshuipiao.

1, Tinder (mobile dating App)

Tinder  is an avant-garde and even controversial mobile dating App, users can browse through the way of playing cards to find potential suitors. One of the " Hot  or  Not" free application, it is possible to let you see who is wandering around you. It will be based on your location, every day for you to recommend the four objects within a certain distance, according to some of the parameters on the Facebook score, and then you can be free to choose.

2, Hukkster

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