Entrepreneurship in 2016 to choose what kind of equipment to open a noodle shop

new year, many people want to bring in the 2016, for investment in the noodle shop, then the problem, to choose what equipment should be ready to open a noodle shop? Of course, the equipment needed to open a shop, today on the open noodle equipment required for you to make a simple list of


cooking stove;

2, small range of   500

3, soup kitchen   300

4, four door freezer   3000

5, cupboard   1000

6. Seasoning table   400

7, cut with   600


8, sink   500

9, baidunzi tool   300

: office chairs

is expected to 300 yuan each   8   a total of 2400 yuan

chopsticks, soy sauce pot, chili oil cans, paper towel box is expected to 200 yuan

? At the time of the new year, you introduced through the above content, do you have more confidence in the heart? Then act quickly, there are more noodle shop to join the project waiting for you, get a quick message.

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