After 90 programmers interpretation of legendary rich history

when we are still proud of their own small business, after a wave of 90 small entrepreneurs who are in the interpretation of another amazing story, one after another to explain the history of the legendary rich! The following small series for you to bring the rich experience of the legendary 90 programmers!

90 programmer: "mammoth" interpretation of rich legend (Mammoth)


in the app store (AppStore), a "mammoth" (Mammoth) browser, now has been updated to the fourth generation, iPhone is on the personal development of the browser downloads the largest product. Who would have thought that Ji Yichao, the author of this product, turned out to be a 19 year old student. From the browser to the design, development, testing, operation and so on, all by one of his independent. In July last year, began the development of mammoth 1, he just finished reading high school in Beijing university.

rimless glasses, T-shirt, jeans, sneakers…… In front of Ji Yichao, is a typical image of the students. He will be a little shy with strangers. But this is the student, and has been programming for 10 years to deal with, can be regarded as a "ashes" programmer. Because of the family relationship, after 90 entrepreneurs Ji Yichao in the United States to live, study for a few years, until the primary school grade two, he went back to school in Beijing. At that time, the school organized a robot competition team, led the teacher to recruit him to the team.

see the story of Ji Yichao, do you have more ideas and have a deeper thinking, with the start of the growing ranks, success is no longer confined to the small part of the group, the success is spread in a large area, as long as you work hard, everyone can succeed!


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