What are the cacao dessert join support

dessert joined the project in the selection of cocoa tree dessert join? Cocoa tree dessert can be given to investors to support what projects? What are the advantages of this brand? Look at the following Xiaobian for your specific description:

cacao dessert was established in 2006, from Southeast Asia, a unique production process, authentic and delicious taste authentic! The cocoa tree dessert will be the creative Asian desserts, Hong Kong Style desserts, Cantonese style dessert features perfect fusion, continuous innovation, breakthrough innovation, developed in line with the trend of the times and low in sugar and fat, healthy and delicious and rich nutrition, ages, seasons hot new dessert.

cocoa tree dessert join support

after the signing of the pre opening preparation support:

1, store location training, consulting guidance, site location, site evaluation services.

2, decoration renderings, floor plans, construction drawings and construction manual, auxiliary engineering acceptance.

3, cocoa tree dessert investment headquarters to provide a range of store preparation, operation, management, a set of instruction manuals.

4, no quota restrictions on investors, managers, shop assistants training.

pre marketing campaign support:

1, provide market analysis, according to market conditions to develop marketing programs and opening countdown auxiliary work.

2, to join the new store to provide 3-4 market team, for a period of ten days around the market promotion activities, the follow-up will also provide uninterrupted marketing activities to support and promote the improvement of store sales.

3, headquarters sent 1 cocoa tree dessert agent manager for a period of seven days of business management guidance.

4, headquarters to provide a mature online O2O marketing model and resources, the whole line with promotional activities under the line.

shop after the uninterrupted routine support:

1, the whole process to provide brand marketing, marketing strategies, promotional activities, the city store interactive management, cooperation and resource sharing support.

2, the whole of the franchise shop staff to carry out a comprehensive system of training support.

3, regularly send supervisors to the store to carry out on-site management guidance services to the store daily operation management analysis, diagnosis, rectification requirements.

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